Dear Kathleen Krager: No means no.

The new bike lanes on Cascade Avenue aren’t the problem. The problem is Kathleen Krager (via Mayor Suthers) forcing an agenda on residents and a city who, for the most part, don’t want it. The will of the few is being forced on the many via bullying bureaucrats. Just look at the timeline:

  • 2007 – Colorado College (CC) wants to narrow the roads but the effort dies in the face of harsh opposition from the residents.
  • 2008 – CC again proposes road narrowing and City Council votes against it.
  • 2013 – CC holds meetings to discuss road narrowing and residents again are opposed.
  • 2016 – CC & Kathleen Krager propose narrowing Cascade, Nevada, Wahsatch, and Weber. 650 citizens sign a petition objecting. Krager back peddles and says she wants to narrow only Cascade. The City Planning Commission votes 6-2 against Krager’s proposal.
  • 2017 – Krager narrows Research Parkway and residents are furious. After months of outcry, the City restores Research Parkway’s traffic lanes.
  • 2018 – Krager announces she is going to narrow Cascade. When residents point out that the City Planning Commission voted against Krager only a year and a half ago, Krager responds that she only talked to the Commission as a “courtesy” and she doesn’t need permission to unilaterally narrow Cascade anyway.

And that is the issue here. Yes, some people bike and some drive (and some do both). Some people want more bike lanes and some don’t. Some want bike lanes on Cascade and some think other roads are a better fit. None of that is the point. The point is that government officials are supposed to represent the interests of the community. That means they should seek our input, listen to our input, and act accordingly. Krager has tried road narrowing over and over and very clearly gotten her answer: No. Instead of listening to the community, she just kept pushing, and when she couldn’t get the answer she wanted, she just narrowed the roads anyway.

Even if you like bike lanes, you should have a problem with this process. You should care about the consent of the governed. Krager should not expect us to be bullied into accepting this paternalistic nonsense. No means no.

5 thoughts on “Dear Kathleen Krager: No means no.

  1. The traffic is bad as it was. Now the city went beyond what we voted on and took away a traffic lane . No way Suthers .

  2. I agree 100 % , bick rides don’t own the roads or the streets in Colorado . Bick riders shouldn’t have rights over citizen’s who pay road taxes and have limited lanes already in downtown. I for one don’t want our town to turn into Boulder Colorado or California. Stop this miss use of our streets and stop taking away our voice . Colorado in the last several years have seen our right ignored by the Govenor and now the mayor .

  3. I have my own courier service and drive all over town. Taking driving lanes away in this town is ludicrous. I spend more time in traffic jams and gridlock it’s ridiculous and frustrating! We need more traffic lanes and better traffic flow, not more bicycle lanes! Listen to the people and give us more road lanes please!!!!

  4. I travel Cascade Ave. on round-trips 4-5 times per week. Since the overly-bold bike stripes were forced onto us, I have seen two, yes only two, bikers in those lanes. I’d like this city to honor its many votes against this self-induced traffic congestion to honor their own votes AND those of the majority of citizens in Colorado Springs. COUNCIL, WAKE UP!

  5. Krager is out of control and is imposing her plans on the citizens of this city, without their input.
    There are already two bike paths alongside Monument Creek, from the Popsicle Bridge to downtown.

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