City Council Regular Meeting 9/25/18

While bike lanes and restriping were not the focus of this City Council meeting, some citizens took the opportunity to make comments about both. Ed Snyder pointed out that during the injunction hearing last summer Mayor Suthers said if there were a lot of opposition to road narrowing it would be easy to correct. Ed asked how Mayor Suthers intends to measure opposition to bike lanes in order to determine whether lanes should be restored:


Similarly, Mark Huismann had several questions for the City Council regarding roads and infrastructure. City Council member Jill Gaebler responded (her response begins in the video below at approximately 3m25s). In particular, Gaebler stated,

As to Cascade, I rode it just today–I say I rode it as a cyclist just today and I will ride it home today–and I saw numerous other cyclists on that road. It will take a few months to get traffic counts for the cyclists. And I did not see even one congested place on Cascade during my trip down, which occurred at 8:15 this morning. So there isn’t any congestion.

You can watch Mark’s comments and Jill’s response here: