Flashback: ONEN Board Prez claims ONEN wants road narrowing, crowd boos.

Flashback to the now-infamous City Planning Commission meeting on June 16, 2016. This is the meeting in which Krager proposed road narrowing and the Commission voted against her 6-2.

Before their vote, though, there were a lot of citizen comments. Most people were opposed, however the then-President of the ONEN Board, Bill Rogers, supported road narrowing. Below is a text of his exact comments and a clip where he claims the neighborhood (not just the Board) supports road narrowing. When he makes that assertion the crowd erupts in boos. Just because the Board says they’re for it doesn’t mean the people actually are.

Good afternoon. My name is Bill Rogers and I am the President of the Old North End Neighborhood. Couple months ago the Old North End Neighborhood took a vote on a pedestrian and bicycle safety plan and that plan was later amended. Board members were very concerned that all this be done concurrently. There was legitimate fear that it wouldn’t be completed. And that’s a very cynical viewpoint but it’s very real. We still have that transit committee in work and they are very active. I have not—I have inquired with members of the transit committee, and the transit committee has not taken a position on this that you’re considering today. I should also point out in all these meetings of the Old North End Neighborhood, I have yet to hear a suggestion that the Old North End Neighborhood consider bringing on a consultant of our own and getting a highway engineer of our own. I think that’s significant.

I read a lot of email from neighbors. I think—I am beginning to think that most people think they are pretty good amateur traffic engineers as well as economists. I try to be patient with them. And I do try to do more listening than talking.

I just had a conversation with Kathleen Krager. She assures me that the traffic engineering department intends to continue–as time goes by as soon as some other issues are resolved–with traffic calming through the Old North End Neighborhood. I have no reason to disbelieve her.

So, given the vote that the board took, and given the votes the board did not take, and given the importance of keeping students at CC safe, I will tell you right now that the Old North End Board cannot in good conscience begrudge this kindness to Colorado College. So speaking as the President, I tell you the Old North End Neighborhood supports this measure. [Crowd boos.]

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