“Put an end to the bike lanes!” Town Hall Meeting 9/27/18

City Council members Tom Strand and Bill Murray held a Town Hall meeting Thursday night in Council Chambers at 107 N Nevada Avenue. Many citizens spoke passionately about many topics, including VRBOs, Colorado College’s pending hockey arena, and, yes, the bike lanes. See the video below for Rose Porter’s comments regarding road narrowing. Key quote:

My real main issue is the bike lanes. We’re talking about arenas, we’re talking about stadiums, we’re talking about apartment buildings, the whole town, and they just turned Pike’s Peak Avenue from four lanes to two. They are creating bottlenecks and issues and accidents waiting to happen. Get a can of black spray paint and put an end to the bike lanes!


The next City Council meeting is Tuesday, October 9, at 1 pm. Please consider attending to let City Council and the Mayor’s representative know how you feel about road narrowing.

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition against road narrowing.