“I am fast learning to stay away from Cascade.”

2018.10.08 Nanci Flescher blurred

[From Monday, October 8]

I just sat behind these two cars at Cache la Poudre and Cascade at about 5:30 this evening for the duration of two green lights. The red car was partially blocking the southbound Cascade lane, and the car in front of me, behind the red car, also with left turn signal on, could have made it past and gone straight, but chose not to move. We all sat there for two lights. There was traffic backed up behind me on the campus.

After the second green light came, we still had to wait for the red car to find an opening in the heavy northbound traffic to make the turn. That would not have happened except for one northbound car stopping to allow the red car to turn. The car in front of me, with left signal still blinking, went on south to the next street to turn. I am fast learning to stay away from Cascade to go downtown, except maybe late in the evening.

– Nanci F.