11/10/18 – Ed Snyder on the Jeff Crank show

This morning Jeff Crank spent about 20 minutes talking with Ed Snyder about Restore Our Roads, including the long history of the fight between the City, Colorado College, and the citizens about whether and where to take away traffic lanes as well as what others can do to help us advocate for the kind of infrastructure we want in our own communities. I particularly liked Jeff’s comment at the very end of the segment:

“These are the kinds of things I love. Because I remember the whole Research Parkway issue. I helped use this show, I think, to try and give voice to the citizens who were very frustrated with that, and we got that decision turned around. And those kinds of things can happen when you get involved.” – Jeff Crank, 11/10/18

You can listen to the full segment here starting at 1:05:28 and continuing through 1:25 or so.

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