11/18/18 Ed Snyder on the Tron Simpson show

Go to this link, select the “11-18-18 Road ‘Dieting’ and Jim Acosta’s Press Pass” audio clip, and fast forward to 48m57s to hear Ed Snyder discuss road dieting with Tron Simpson.

Ed: The physics of collision don’t really care about your particular political views.

Tron: [laughter]

Ed: You put bikes in close proximity to cars, you’re going to have–no matter what the striping is! People are trying to cast us as anti-bike. Not at all. I ride my bike to work all the time.

Tron: I hear ya, man! I hear ya.

Ed: So you could do this more logically. And to be frank it isn’t about bikes at all. They’re not looking to do bike infrastructure in a rational way. They’re trying to come about to make Colorado College get the green light. They’re down to one lane now. They’ve restricted Cascade to one lane in both directions. In another few years they’ll talk about closing it completely.

Tron: You’re right!