Gaebler: Please tell me I’m right.

Last week City Councilwoman Jill Gaebler beseeched her followers to contact the mayor and City Council and say they support the new bike lanes (see image below). Gaebler specifically cited the “negative voices” of those of us who protest road narrowing as the reason she needs others to defend her multimodal agenda.

Gaebler’s call for help sharply contrasts with the efforts of Restore Our Roads. Our group is made of citizens volunteering their time and ideas in a collaborative effort to persuade our government to represent our interests. Compare our grassroots work to Gaebler’s astroturf efforts to push road narrowing. Gaebler has claimed the voters agree with her, but if that were true why would she need to desperately seek evidence of approval? She’s trying to artificially inflate her feeble support for these ever-empty bike lanes. Like Kathleen Krager before her, Gaebler doesn’t care what her constituency actually wants; she just wants us to tell her she’s right.

2018.11.19 Gaebler call for emails
Gaebler’s call for support

Quick recap:

  • Gaebler says we oppose bike infrastructure. No. We oppose road narrowing. We are fine with the City creating safe, long-lasting bike infrastructure through dedicated bike trails separated from motorized traffic. We’re against taking away traffic lanes and adding bike lanes to busy roads.
  • We aren’t negative voices. We’re proactive citizens asking for our government to respect our input and provide rational and persuasive solutions, instead of letting one traffic engineer impose her vision on all of us.
  • I’d be very curious to see the data suggesting putting more cyclists on our roads saves lives. A Springs cyclist was killed just in the last few weeks while on the road with a car. See our Gazette letter (“The roads are not for everyone”) about that here.