Krager’s retirement doesn’t end the controversy.

The Gazette reported last week that City Transportation Manager Kathleen Krager’s last day will be February 1. It was our understanding Krager didn’t originally plan to retire this soon; we wonder if the timing is related to the upcoming election, given how controversial she has become. As the Gazette explained:

2019.01.10 gazette amid recent criticism springs traffic engineer to retire

We’ve had many objections to Krager’s approach to her work, chief of which was her (at best) indifference and (at worst) almost contempt for public input and support. We are not sorry she’s retiring.

But make no mistake: her retirement doesn’t end this controversy over Cascade and other road narrowing projects. We still want the bike lanes reverted to traffic lanes or, at minimum, a poll establishing that most people truly want road narrowing for the sake of bike infrastructure. The Gazette touched on this problem in its recent editorial “Tell the city ‘traffic congestion is not good.’” Krager’s departure doesn’t change the facts that few people use the bike lanes and that they remain highly contentious.

Today the Gazette also published a letter to the editor calling for a poll on the bike lanes. We agree. A poll will show either that most people support this effort (in which case most of our group would drop the fight) or most people are against it (in which case we expect Suthers to be true to his word last summer: if there’s a lot of opposition, the lanes are easy to revert). We hope City Council will work with us to lay this issue to rest one way or the other.