Does City Council have any control over bike lanes?

We’ve talked before about how City Council seems a little inconsistent about whether they have influence over bike lanes. Here is a montage we put together of various answers to the question that seem to contradict each other:

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City Councilmember Tom Strand during the 12/11/18 City Council meeting:

I do have a chance to talk to the Chief of Staff, Mr. Greene, frequently. You know, he’s got the ear of the Mayor every day. So we do have influence over how the Mayor reacts to these kinds of things.


City Councilmember Bill Murray during the 9/24/18 Council Matters podcast:

When you yell at us for something like a road–which is an executive function–or a traffic ticket or a red light camera or a bike lane, just go to the Mayor instead of the City Council.


City Council President Richard Skorman during the 3/7/19 City Council candidate forum at Colorado College:

We [City Council] would have a say about whether there’s bike lanes on Cascade.


City Councilmember Bill Murray during a 2/24/19 Town Hall meeting:

We got the flak for all those things. We had nothing to do with any of the bike lanes.


Mayor’s Chief of Staff Jeff Greene during the 12/11/18 City Council meeting:

The decisions made based upon how we set bike lanes and so forth is based upon the guidance that’s been provided to us by this Council.


City Councilmember Jill Gaebler during the 12/11/18 City Council meeting:

Let’s be clear that these are administrative decisions. The Planning Commission, the City Council, we don’t weigh in on administrative decisions. These are decisions the Mayor makes.


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