What You Can Do

Want to get our traffic lanes back but don’t know where to start? There’s a lot you can do to help.

  1. Subscribe to our mailing list
  2. Donate to us via Paypal
  3. Sign our petition against road narrowing
  4. Join our Facebook group: Restore Our Roads
  5. Follow our Facebook page: COS Matters
  6. Get in touch with the City. If you choose to email, consider copying the following addresses to maximize your reach:
    • Mayor Suthers: (719) 385-5900, jsuthers@springsgov.com
    • Mayor Suthers Chief of Staff, Jeff Greene: jhgreene@springsgov.com
    • City Council: (719) 385-5986
      • President Richard Skorman: rskorman@springsgov.com
      • Jill Gaebler: jgaebler@springsgov.com
      • Tom Strand: tstrand@springsgov.com
      • Bill Murray: bmurray@springsgov.com
      • Don Knight: dknight@springsgov.com
      • Andres Pico: apico@springsgov.com
      • Yolanda Avila: yavila@springsgov.com
      • David Geislinger: dgeislinger@springsgov.com
      • Merv Bennett: mbennett@springsgov.com
      • Or find your specific Council rep here
    • City Traffic & Transportation:
  7. Get in touch with the media.
    • Write a letter to the Gazette here (limit 250 words)
    • Write a letter to the CS Indy and email it here: letters@csindy.com
    • Call in to your favorite radio shows and tell them what you think
  8. Go to City Council meetings! The meetings are held at 107 N Nevada Ave at 1 p.m. generally every other Tuesday. You can see the exact dates here. Every citizen gets up to 3 minutes to speak directly to City Council and the Mayor’s representative during regular meetings. Let them know what you think about road narrowing.
  9. If you’re interested in getting more directly involved, email us at restoreourroads@gmail.com to discuss.